AutoRunGuard is an extremely flexible program that enables you to set out rules --- as simple or complex as you like --- to govern what will happen as soon as a removable drive is connected or CD inserted. This may include launching a particular program immediately, or adding relevant options to a menu for you to choose from.

For a full description of this free program, and to download it, visit the
AutoRunGuard Home Page.

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doubleij said...

Great program! I have an urgent question. We are experiencing a spate of USB-based worm attacks here in our office in Indonesia. I need instructions to set up AutoRunGuard so that:
1. It starts automatically when the computer is turned on (do I just include AutoRunGuard.cmd in the startup programs list??)

2. It runs in the background and cues the AutoRunGuard program when a USB drive is inserted. It seems like this should already be the case, so perhaps I need to modify WatchForDrives.cmd

I'm sorry. I'm a newbie at this, so detailed instructions are greatly appreciated. Right now, the program will run beautifully IF I double click AutoRunGuard.cmd, but I know that it is easy to forget and open the flash drive incorrectly.

Thanks much for your help!

Andrés said...

Hi again :)
Sorry my english ( again ) :)
I think you whish add an entry for innoculation refered to RECYCLER file.
I created by hand, hidden and read-only.
Several malware mask within this folder.
I hope that you understand me :(
Can i help you with this ?


Andrés Rusconi

Avinash said...

Hi Dan,
I recently came to know about your AutoRunGuard program.I have Panda USB Vaccine already installed on my computer.I have gone through your explanation on your web page.But as I am not a computer expert so I cannot understand all the terms of computer.
To clear my doubts would you please answer some of my questions.

I think Panda USB Vaccine does the same work as yours AutoRunGuard program (MD5 & USBVirus scan part excluded).
If your answer is YES they are different then please tell me:

1). How is AutoRunGuard (MD5 & USBVirus scan part excluded) different from Panda USB Vaccine ?

2).Having autorun disabled on my system if I open my USB stick from address bar and neither by double-clicking on the drive icon under 'My Computer' (i.e. in an Explorer window), nor by selecting the highlighted option from the drive's shortcut menu (accessed with a right-click) does autorun worms still infect my pc(I think it will not as I have done this)

Bruce Lusher said...

In our office, many of us have been using Autorun Guard for some years, and are very happy with it. Til now, we've been using Avira to scan pen drives, but now we wish to switch to Emsisoft Antimalware. Can you please give us a command line for Emsisoft that we can insert in place of the Avira command line.
Bruce Lusher

Bruce Lusher said...

I found the command line for AutoRunGuard, if you're using Emsisoft Antimalware. Here it is: "C:\ ProgramFiles%\Emsisoft Anti-Malware\a2cmd.exe" /s /a /f="%d%""%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Emsisoft Anti-Malware\a2cmd.exe" /s /a /f="%d%"